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If you read my Bio, you will know that I am British. I moved to Santa Barbara, CA in 1991, and I lived in Santa Barbara for 25 years. I moved to Boise in 2016 and I also have a home in Florida.

I am well travelled, and love traveling. I appreciate more than many, the importance of location, location, location. Finding a lovely new home is reasonably easy. So what is most important, and more challenging, if you do not know the area well, is finding the right location and neighborhood, to meet your needs and life style. Thus I believe in the importance of finding your ‘potential locations’ first, and then identifying the actual homes that might meet your needs.

Selling a home within 2 years of purchasing it, because you do not like your location, or commute, is not ideal. Let’s strive to get it right first time around. As a seasoned traveller, I enjoy exploring new places and I have found this keen passion and inquisitiveness serves me well in helping my clients learn and understand the lay of the land, before they commit to a property…

A great example of this was my friend, and colleague, had lived in Boise for more than 10 years (Downtown Boise in the North End). He was also a reasonably new Realtor, as at the time was I. I had been living in Boise for just over a year. Anyway his mum was planning to move to Boise from South Dakota, and he was looking for a home for her. He asked me to join him to preview some properties. After touring a few of his picks, I shared what I thought would be the ‘ideal’ neighborhood for her (having learnt her likes/dislikes/wish list…) and to my surprise my friend wasn’t even aware of this very cute, affordable, and central little neighborhood, tucked in by the river, in the heart of Boise… I couldn’t believe he hadn’t been there before. Anyway, he loved it, as did his mum, and she is now loving her new home. The truth is, not everyone enjoys ‘exploring’ neighborhoods as much as I. I am much like a permenant tourist and very inquisitive; good traits for a Realtor! And very helpful to my clients relocating to the area!

If you are thinking about moving to our area, reach out to me, and I will be happy to answer your questions about the areas in and around Boise and the Treasure Valley… Also check out my 2024 Relocation guide (under the Buyers Menu) too, to learn more about our area.

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